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Deals under £150pw

Use your new boosted Clean Air Plan towards your weekly WeFlex payments.

Uber’s new Power-up grants can save drivers up to £22,750. Starting with their CAP (Clean Air Plan) being increased to £5,000.


High-tech and spacious

Was £225/week

Now £150/week*

Kia e-Niro (1)_edited.png

Most popular EV

Was £199/week

Now £124/week*

Mercedes EQA_edited.png

Efficient and advanced

Was £199/week

Now £124/week*

Model 3_edited.png

Strong performance

Was £209/week

Now £134/week*

Not sure which ones for you?

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*CAP prices based on a £5,000 total CAP. Once CAP runs out payments return to the original price.

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