Why switch to a 100% Electric Vehicle?

PCO drivers who choose to drive an EV you can save over £5,900 a year 

When the cost savings are taken over a year you are looking at c. £5,960 per year on the basis of a full time PCO / Ride Hailing driver working in London. 

We break down the cost savings for you:

Sources: *Assumes you drive into the Congestion Charge zone 5 days a week 48 weeks a year.  **Based on average WeFlex customer mileage with an EV compared to a Toyota Prius Hybrid MY20, Electricity at 0.32/KW via Ubitricity, fuel prices from April 22 ***WeFlex data 

Electric Car Drivers Also Earn more

Pay on average £4,000 a year* less commission when you drive an EV 

The leading Ride-Hailing platforms in London will pay you more to drive an EV

*Cost savings on the basis of a full time Ride-Hailing drivers taking £40K per annum post commission, assumes that the driver saves 10% commission by choosing to drive an EV