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The WeFlex Insurance Policy

WeFlex has in place a fully comprehensive motor fleet insurance policy under which it is the sole policyholder and under which WeFlex brings claims, where appropriate, for the benefit of WeFlex customers that have opted to be included as beneficiaries under the policy (Weflex Insurance Policy). 

If you are one of the WeFlex customers who has opted to be included as a beneficiary under our Weflex Insurance Policy then this page gives you a summary of the details of our cover that you take the benefit of together with the conditions of our cover. 

Please read this page carefully so that you fully understand the terms of the cover that WeFlex has in place with its insurer. If you are a WeFlex customer and have a question regarding our insurance cover, or would like further details, then please contact us. 

How the WeFlex Insurance Policy works

There is a single motor fleet insurance policy in place between WeFlex and our insurer. The terms of the policy allow us to include our customers as beneficiaries under the policy, at our discretion. Where we have agreed with you that your WeFlex vehicle will be covered under the policy we will then look to enforce the terms of the cover under the policy in respect of the vehicle for your benefit, as appropriate.  


Only we have contractual rights under the policy to enforce the terms of the cover. You, as our customer and a beneficiary under the policy, do not have any contractual rights to enforce the terms of the cover against the insurer – rather, you rely on us to do that on your behalf, which we commit do to the extent we reasonably can. The way the insurance works does not affect your statutory rights under the Road Traffic Act 1988.  

Policyholder Name:

WeFlex Ltd


Unit 6 Westpoint Trading Estate, Alliance Road, London, W3 0RA

Insurance Company Name and Address: 

Somerset Bridge Ltd, with address at Lysander House, Catbrain Lane, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, BS10 7TQ as an Appointed Representative of Somerset Bridge Insurance Services Limited, with reference number 773500. Somerset Bridge Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, with reference number 477112, on behalf of the following authorised insurers:  

  • Watford Insurance Company Europe Limited, P.O. Box 1338, First Floor Grand Ocean Plaza, Ocean Village, Gibraltar. Registered in Gibraltar number 112869. Authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission; and  

  • Alwyn Insurance Company Limited, P.O. Box 1338, First Floor Grand Ocean Plaza, Ocean Village, Gibraltar. Registered in Gibraltar number 106261. Authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.    

Eligibility Criteria

For us to include you as a beneficiary under the WeFlex Insurance Policy, you must meet the following eligibility requirements at all times. You must tell us immediately if you do not meet all of the eligibility requirements. 

WeFlex customer 

– Ages: 25+ 

– Years licence held: 2+ 

– License type: UK full 

– At Fault Claims: max 2 in last 3 years 

– Non-Fault Claims: max 3 in last 3 years 

– Driving Restriction: UK only 

– DVLA licence points: Max 6 points 

– No motoring disqualification in the last 5 years 

– None of the following convictions in the past 5 years: AC, BA, CD, DD, DG, DR, MR, MS, TT, UT 

– None of the following convictions in the past 3 years: IN, LC 


Notification of changes 

WeFlex are obliged to notify our insurer immediately of any changes which may affect our cover under the WeFlex Insurance Policy. This means that you need to tell us of anything that could affect our cover – since if we are not covered then you will not be covered as a beneficiary. Examples of things to tell us about include: 

  • You receive a motoring conviction or have a pending prosecution 

  • You suffer from a medical condition or have a claim on another policy 

  • You change or modify your WeFlex vehicle from the manufacturer’s standard specification 

  • You change the address at which your WeFlex vehicle is normally kept 

  • Your WeFlex vehicle is involved in an accident no matter how trivial 

  • You no longer meet all of the eligibility requirements 

This is not a full list, so if there is anything else you think we should know about then, for our and your protection, please tell us immediately. 


Vehicle telematics device 

Your WeFlex vehicle is fitted with a telematics device. Cover for you and your WeFlex vehicle under the WeFlex Insurance Policy is conditional upon the telematics device remaining live at all times. Cover is also conditional on us providing regular mileage data to our insurer, which we get from the telematics device.  

It is your responsibility to ensure that the telematics device is working and remains live at all times. If you are concerned there is an issue with the device please report it to WeFlex support: or call 020 8033 8713


Third party liability cover 

The WeFlex Insurance Policy covers you as a beneficiary under the policy for your legal liability for third party death or bodily injury or damage to third party property resulting from an accident whilst you are using your WeFlex vehicle. For these purposes, property owned by us, or in our care, custody or control, is not third party property.   

Our cover for damage to third party property is limited to £120,000,000 under the WeFlex Insurance Policy. 

 Medical expenses 

If anyone in your WeFlex vehicle is injured in an accident involving your WeFlex vehicle the WeFlex Insurance Policy will cover medical expenses of up to £250 for each injured person. 

Emergency treatment 

The WeFlex Insurance Policy will pay for emergency medical treatment as required by any acts, laws or regulations which govern the driving or use of any motor vehicle in the United Kingdom arising out an accident involving a vehicle. 


Legal fees for criminal defence 

Our insurer has the option (entirely at its discretion) under the WeFlex Insurance Policy to pay reasonable legal costs and/or expenses to defend or represent you at (i) a coroner’s inquest or fatal accident enquiry; and/or (ii) in criminal proceedings arising out of the accident involving your WeFlex vehicle. 


Loss of or damage to your WeFlex vehicle 

The WeFlex Insurance Policy covers you as a beneficiary under the policy for loss or damage to your WeFlex vehicle resulting from fire, theft or an accident involving your vehicle up to the cost of repair or the vehicle’s then market value. 

The cover extends to the loss of or damage to the vehicle’s windscreens, accessories and audio, communication and navigation, and telematics equipment.  

Where your WeFlex vehicle is either lost or damaged, our insurer will (at its discretion) either: (i) pay the cost of repairs by an approved repairer; (ii) pay a sum equal to the market value of the vehicle where it is damaged beyond economic repair (in which case the lost or damaged vehicle will become the property of the insurer); or (iii) replace the vehicle with a vehicle of the same market value if the vehicle is damaged beyond economic repair or never found. 

Where the vehicle is not operational or disabled as a direct result of the damage, the reasonable cost of transporting the vehicle to the nearest approved repairer and then delivering the vehicle, following repair, to us or you is also covered. 

The cover is subject to a number of specific conditions and exclusions, including (by way of example only): 

  • exclusions from cover for loss and damage resulting from wear and tear, mechanical and electrical faults or theft where the vehicle has been left unlocked with the ignition keys in or on the vehicle; 

  • exclusions from cover for damage to sun roofs, roof panels, convertible roofs, lights or reflectors whether glass or plastic, or incidents due to mechanical failure of automatic or manual sun roofs, roof panels, convertible roofs or ADAS and CSC; and  

  • the insurer having the right to repair vehicles using non-original manufacture parts. 


Excess payments 

Where we make a claim under the WeFlex Insurance Policy for your benefit, you will be liable to pay us the excess – ie the amount that we have to pay towards the claim under the terms of the policy. With a few exceptions, the current excess is £10,000 per claim. 

Use of your WeFlex vehicle outside of the United Kingdom 

The WeFlex Insurance Policy covers you as a beneficiary under the policy in connection with use of your WeFlex vehicle within the United Kingdom only. 

However, in compliance with UK and European Law, the policy also provides the minimum level of cover necessary to comply with the laws on the compulsory insurance of vehicles within the European Union. 


General exclusions  

The WeFlex Insurance Policy sets out types of claims that are not covered by the policy. A list of the more common types of claims that are not covered are set out below: 

  • claims arising from accidents where you were not the driver of your WeFlex vehicle; 

  • claims arising from use of your WeFlex vehicle for purposes other than private hire, social, domestic, pleasure or business; 

  • claims arising from any accident which occurs whilst you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs; 

  • claims arising from any accident which was caused or contributed to by your deliberate or reckless act; 

  • where your WeFlex vehicle is being used specifically for private/public hire purposes, claims arising from the vehicle being driven by any person not in possession of a valid public/private hire licence; 

  • claims arising from any accident whilst your WeFlex vehicle is being used in an unsafe or un-roadworthy condition or whilst it is not registered or taxed etc. in accordance with the laws in the United Kingdom; 

  • claims arising from any accident whilst your WeFlex vehicle is being used to tow any trailer or other vehicle; 

The WeFlex Insurance Policy also sets out other general exclusions from cover under the policy, which include: 

  • except as required under the Road Traffic Act 1988, loss or damage caused by terrorism, war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities or warlike operations, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to an uprising, military or usurped power; 

  • loss or damage arising during or in consequence of: earthquake, riot or civil commotion; 

  • loss or damage caused by any other naturally occurring weather event or relating to any damage (actual or potential) to the environment. 

  • use of your WeFlex vehicle in connection with racing of any description, including use of the  vehicle in any contest, competition, track days, rallies or trials; 

  • damage caused to your WeFlex vehicle by virtue of carrying flammable, explosive, corrosive or oxidizing substances, dynamite, or similar explosives; or  

  • where your WeFlex vehicle is otherwise being used to transport hazardous goods. 

Please contact us for a full, up-to-date list of exclusions from the WeFlex Insurance Policy. 


Making a claim 

Here we set out the claims process under the Weflex Insurance Policy. Where we are making a claim for you as a beneficiary under the policy, we will need your help to make the claim so please read this section carefully. 

There’s just been an accident. 

As soon as reasonably possible after any accident, you should call the incident support number on 0333 207 9652 []. You will be asked a number of questions about the accident, such as when, where, and how it happened, and whether any third parties were involved. You must not admit any fault or make any offers or promises etc. to any third party that was involved.  

If any third parties are involved, then you should NOT DRIVE AWAY. You must stop if any property has been damaged or if anyone is injured, and provide your name and address and the Weflex Insurance Policy details to anyone who needs it. Similarly, you should ask any other third party who is involved for a name, address, and their insurance details. 

The claim has been notified to our insurer. What else should you do? 

If you receive any communication about the accident, whether it concerns who is responsible for the accident, any repairs to any vehicle involved, or any other costs that have been incurred, then please tell our insurer straight away. If the communication is in writing, then please send them a copy. 

Continue to make sure that you do not make any admission of liability, promise, or offer to any third party at any time. Please tell our insurer straight away if you or any other third party involved in the accident is to be prosecuted as a result of the accident or if there is to be an inquest following a fatal accident. If we or our insurer ask you for any information or documentation which is necessary for considering the claim, or to deal with any proceedings against you/any third parties involved, then this must be provided as soon as possible. 

If our insurer wants to, it may under the terms of our WeFlex Insurance Policy take over and conduct in our/your name the defence or settlement of any claim, or to issue proceedings in our/your name against any third party to recover any payment that has been made under the policy. Our insurer will have full control of those proceedings and progress/settle them however they think best, but this shall always be at their cost and expense. You will not have to pay. 


Remember, fraud is also a criminal offence. 

If you or anyone else acting on your behalf, either (i) provides any false or fraudulent information to us or our insurer in relation to the WeFlex Insurance Policy, or (ii) knowingly provides false, fraudulently inflated, or fraudulent documents or facts in relation to a claim, then our insurer may do any or all of the following: (i) decline the claim; (ii) terminate the WeFlex Insurance Policy; and (iii) pass any details to any fraud prevention and/or law enforcement agencies, including but not limited to the Police. 


Data protection 

We will share your personal information with our insurer for the purposes of you benefitting from the WeFlex Insurance Policy as a beneficiary. You may also share your personal information directly with our insurer in connection with the policy. Our insurer will only use and share your personal information in order to administer the policy and any claims made under it.  

A copy of the privacy policy that outlines in detail how your personal data will be used in connection with the policy can be found here:


We need your co-operation 

The WeFlex Insurance Policy is in place for our benefit and also for the benefit of our customers where they choose to use it. But we need your co-operation and assistance to ensure it provides you with the protection it offers. In particular, this means complying with the terms of the policy, providing information promptly when asked, notifying relevant changes promptly, doing your best to prevent loss or damage to your WeFlex vehicle and at all times telling the truth. 

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