ULEZ Zone. How will this will affect London Uber Drivers?


ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) is coming soon to London. Uber drivers in London need to be aware of this, as you will soon be operating within the ULEZ area.

September 2020 will see ULEZ get introduced. This will cover the current Congestion Charging area of London. Key points to note for London Uber Drivers:

  • From 1 January 2018, all vehicles licensed for the first time as PHVs must be Euro 6 (Euro 6 was introduced in 2014), unless petrol hybrid when the minimum standard is Euro 4. Key to this statement is its addressing cars licensed for the first time. If you are an Uber driver and have a car that does not comply with Euro 6 but has already been licensed then this will not (under current proposals) affect you.
  • From 1 January 2020, new vehicles (those up to 18 months old) licensed for the first time as a PHV must meet the approved zero emission capable requirements. Used vehicles (those over 18 months old) licensed for the first time as a PHV must be Euro 6. Again this affects new cars licensed for the first time, if you have an old car but it meets Euro 6 then thats ok (under current proposals)

In summary cars bought now to Jan 2018 are unaffected, from that point onwards there are restrictions. For more information TFL have a helpful page on their website, click here to view.

ULEZ will help improve the air quality in London which we at WeFlex support. We believe that this will be beneficial to London Uber drivers too, as air quality affects us all.

Any vehicle you rent of lease from WeFlex will meet the ULEZ standards in force at the time.