Why switch to a 100% Electric Vehicle?

Earn more money

First things first, drivers save and earn more money

Ride-Hailing apps have introduced financial incentives for drivers to switch to Electric Vehicles, like the Uber Clean Air Plan which results in drivers getting money off their weekly EV Rent-To-Buy payments. Read more about this here. 

Electric Vehicles are Congestion Charge exempt, saving drivers £15 a day. 

Uber Green is the electric equivalent of UberX, passengers pay exactly the same amount for the fare but the Uber service fee is reduced from 25% to 15%.

Charging and Range

Often the initial roadblock for a driver switching to an electric vehicle is the charging. Charging is relatively new and not something many of us have done before, but there is absolutely no need to worry. 

In recent years the ranges have significantly improved, and WeFlex only stock electric vehicles with substantial ranges, afterall ride-hailing drivers need a good range. 

The charging infrastructure in the UK has massively improved over the last few years, there are apps available including Zap Map and Bonnet, which shows all of the charging points around you. Electric ‘petrol stations’ are popping up all over the UK which have the capacity to charge up to 24 EVs on rapid chargers at once.

Save the planet

Electric vehicles emit absolutely zero emissions, WeFlex also plants a tree for every EV we sell in order to clean up London’s air and combat Climate Change.

Peaceful journeys

It is regularly commented on how quiet, smooth and relaxing an electric ride is. Ride-Hailing drivers spend on average 7 hours a day in their vehicle, this makes a huge difference. 

Low servicing costs

Servicing costs are dramatically reduced because there are far less moving parts that are prone to wear out over time. There is no engine in an electric car, just a battery with an 8 year warranty, say goodbye to engine oil, oil filters and coolant levels.

EVs hold their value

As the world gradually transitions to 100% Electric Vehicles, soon your petrol/diesel vehicle will be worth little to nothing; If you eventually make the decision to sell your EV on, it will be far more valuable.

Join the thousands of Ride-Hailing drivers who have already switched to an Electric Vehicle with WeFlex. We are committed to providing the best Electric Vehicles for the Ride-Hailing market and supporting drivers every step of the way.

All of our contracts have a 4 week flexible termination policy and we have vehicles available immediately. Give us a call now!