WeFlex Referral System (WRS) Terms and Conditions

1. The WRS is subject to change or cancellation by WeFlex with immediate notice.

2. The WRS is applicable to both WeFlex customers and non customers.

3. The WRS is only applicable when the referred customer takes a Flexilease or Flexibuy agreement, not a Rental agreement. However, if you are a WeFlex rental customer and refer a customer who takes a Flexilease or Flexibuy then you will still be rewarded under the scheme but if you refer another rental customer then you would not be rewarded.

4. When you refer a customer through the WRS you will be given the option to receive a £50 account credit or cash payout 4 weeks after the customer you referred has joined WeFlex. You will not be credited if the person you referred is no longer a customer after 4 weeks or has given notice to end their agreement.

6. In practice, payouts will be made in week 5, following a notification from our team of a successful scheme and a request for information of how the referrer and referred would like to receive payment.

5. The person referred will receive their credit or cash payout after completing 4 weeks of being a WeFlex customer.

6. WeFlex reserves the right to not payout the referral amount if either the referrer or referred is in default or has given notice to end their agreement with WeFlex.

7. WeFlex reserves the right to update or change these terms and conditions at any time with no notice.