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WeFlex’s COP26 100% Electric Pledge

To coincide with COP26, WeFlex, one of the largest suppliers of vehicles to Ride-Hailing drivers, pledges a 100% Electric fleet by the end of 2024*

Their fleet, which is currently over 60% electric, is transitioning to EV’s rapidly but the pledge is a further commitment to get themselves to 100% electric faster. 

WeFlex are already committed to only buying Electric Vehicles and put hundreds of EV’s on the roads every year, but it’s going to take a big push to hit their emission free target.

The EV market is evolving rapidly, WeFlex supplies a variety of the latest Electric Vehicles including the Tesla Model 3, MG5 Long Range and Kia e-Niro. To date, WeFlex’s EVs have completed over 7.5 million zero emission miles; this has prevented over 1 thousand tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere (equivalent to the weight of 203 elephants!).

Pledging to be 100% Electric is not WeFlex’s only sustainability initiative, they also plant a tree for every EV they sell in Alladale Wilderness reserve, Scotland.

Founder and CEO Nicko Williamson said: “To secure global Net Zero by mid century EV’s need to be widely adopted and the Ride-Hailing market is a perfect market to accelerate this change. We believe EV’s are the way forward. For Ride-Hailing drivers who generally complete in excess of 30,000 miles a year, moving to EV’s makes a big difference to emissions and air quality. We are excited to make this commitment to make our contribution to the UK moving to Net Zero.”

Read more about WeFlex’s switch to Electric vehicles in the Evening Standard!

*barring a small number (sub 5%) Wheelchair accessible vehicles where EV’s aren’t available yet

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