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About Us

WeFlex launched in 2016 to provide vehicle financing on a flexible basis for Ride-Hailing drivers. Back then there was not a product out there to meet the needs of the Ride-Hailing community and so we created one. 


We set out to provide Ride-Hailing drivers with a path to ownership of their car, but with the ability to end the contract with just 4 weeks notice* if they need to. 


In 2020 in the midst of the pandemic we decided to focus purely on Electric Cars which we have done ever since. We now have one of the largest fleets of EV’s in the UK saving thousands of tons of CO2 and doing our bit to help improve air quality.


We are a diverse team of people who really understand the needs of the Ride-Hailing community and we really care deeply about our customers and importantly providing the right EV for them. The journey does not end there, we are alongside our customers all the way, always on hand to help via our friendly customer service team.


We operate from our EV Showroom in West London where you will find lots of different EV’s to choose from and many helpful EV experts on hand to explain the EV’s and contracts we offer, and also to help with charging and answer questions. 

Earn more, pay less

With a huge range of vehicles to choose from for every budget and need, WeFlex has an EV for everyone. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in the Ride-Hailing industry including Uber, Bolt, Veezu & FREENOW to offer the best deals. We’re an Uber Clean Air Plan approved vendor, allowing Uber Partners to use their Clean Air Plan funds towards a WeFlex EV.

Quick & easy

No more waiting lists or delivery delays, WeFlex are always stocked with new & used EVs ready to go. We understand that time is money, that’s why customers can enquire today and collect their fully licensed EV within 24 hours. 


Core to our values is great Customer Service, we go above & beyond to help our customers throughout their whole time with WeFlex. We are real people who genuinely care and are trusted by thousands. 


We are playing our part to switch the ride-hailing market into zero-emission vehicles and we plant a tree in Scotland for every EV sold

*You have Flexible Termination Rights under both these contracts where you can cancel from 3 or 6 months (depending on your contract) after the agreement starts with 4 weeks notice

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