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What is the warranty on WeFlex vehicles?
All of our new Rent-To-Buy EVs have warranty covered by the manufacturer which ranges from 
Most of our pre-owned EVs are still covered by their manufacturer warranty, however if they aren't, then we give you a 90 day WeFlex warranty.
Can I use my Clean Air Fund as a deposit?
You are unable to use your CAF as a deposit, it is used to reduce your weekly payments.
Your weekly discount is figured out by dividing your CAF allowance by the weeks in your contract.
Can I take my car abroad?
Yes you can! You just need to let us know before you go by emailing us on
Who are our insurers
WeFlex insurance goes through Zego.
What is the excess on WeFlex insurance?
What is our minimum age?
25 years old
Can I use my own insurance on a WeFlex vehicle?
For Rent-To-Buy EVs, you can use your own insurance as long as it's fully comprehensive for taxi and hire & reward.
For Rental EVs, you have to use WeFlex insurance.
How much does charging an EV cost?
EV charging tariffs differ depending on the speed of the charger, and the company you use.
Here's an example of the average cost to charge an MG ZS using 'PodPoint' chargers:

Home charging*: £13.59 (8.08p/mile)
Public rapid chargers (20%-80%)**: £12.82 (12.69p/mile)

We take you through the best ways to charge before you pick up an EV from us!

* Assumes tariff of 28p/kWh. The cost of home charging will vary depending on your electricity rate.
** Assumes tariff of 44p/kWh applicable to most network rapid chargers as of April 2022.
How long does it take to charge an EV?
The time it takes to charge an EV depends on the speed/power of the charger you use, as well as the battery size of your EV (larger size = longer to charge). The fastest way to charge is by using rapid chargers, but this is the most expensive method. Take a look at our example breakdown for charging an MG ZS*:

Home pod charging: 8 hours
Public lamp-post charger: 8 hours
Public rapid chargers (20%-80%): 20 minutes

 *Based on Pod Point estimates, charging time can differ based on the ambient temperature, the state of the battery (e.g. empty or half full) and variation in charging rate. Max charging rate may also be limited by the vehicle.
What is the minimum period for our contracts?
You can give 28 days notice to end your contract with us from either 3 or 6 months depending on your contract (fees apply).

You can give 28 days notice to end your contract with us with no minimum time (fees apply).
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