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Terms and Conditions

WeFlex Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 09704423. 

The registered address is: WeFlex Ltd, Unit 6, Westpoint Trading Estate, Alliance Road, London, W3 0RA.

WeFlex Ltd is authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 712604

Part Exchange Terms & Conditions:

1. Any valuation we provide you is valid for 4 days (market prices change quickly so we are not able to guarantee values for longer than this).

2. You must be able to prove you own the vehicle

3. The vehicle must have any outstanding finance settled prior to completion of the Part-Exchange (we can help you with this)

4. In order to proceed with a new EV you will need to be approved by the WeFlex team, and go through our standard checks

5. Your car must be roadworthy with a valid MOT for at least 3 months

6. Your name needs to be on the V5, which we will need to see before we can complete your Part Exchange

7. Factors that will impact the value we offer you for your car are: age, mileage, condition, damage, service history, whether its under warranty, specification of the car, what the car has been used for and how many previous owners its had

8. Your vehicle will be inspected when we give you the valuation, it will be reinspected again before it is handed over to WeFlex for Part-Exchange. If there are any changes to the condition of the vehicle, or say significant extra mileage we reserve the rights to change our valuation

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