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What is Uber's PowerUp Package?

Uber PowerUp Package

Uber has just rolled out a new range of incentives for drivers to help them switch to an electric vehicle, but what does the PowerUp Package include?

Why have Uber introduced the PowerUp Package?

Uber aims to be fully electric in London by 2025 and fully electric across the UK by 2030. So they have introduced the new PowerUp Package to help drivers make the switch to an EV. The package offers support with upgrading, charging and earning in an EV.

What does the PowerUp Package include?

Drivers can save up to £22,750 when making the switch to an electric vehicle with these incentives:

  • £5,000 of EV Assistance 💰

  • Kia co-funded EVs 🚘

  • £750 of free charging credit ⚡

£5,000 of EV Assistance - how does it work?

Every Uber driver in London who wasn't in an EV got an automatic top-up of their EV Assistance if they had below £5,000 previously. All drivers now have at least £5,000 EV Assistance, and this can be put towards an EV in the form of a weekly discount.

You can now switch to an EV with WeFlex and only pay £94pw*.

EV assistance top up examples

The EV assistance offer is only available until 30th November 2024 so switch to an EV now.

£750 of free charging credit with bp pulse - how does it work?

Uber has partnered with bp pulse to offer all UK EV drivers 3 months of free bp pulse charging.

bp pulse x Uber

The credit is applied over 3 months, meaning you can claim up to £250 per month - that's up to 6000 miles in total.

And once your credit is used up, you can access market-leading prices of 49p for 50+kWh and 27p for 7kWh with bp pulse.

The offer is only open to the first 8K drivers to sign up. To claim, simply subscribe to bp pulse x Uber. Existing bp pulse x Uber subscribers will automatically receive the 3 months of free charging.

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