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Alladale Wilderness Reserve


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Carbon managers

Buy an EV, we’ll plant a tree.

We’ve teamed up with the Carbon Managers to ensure the actions we take regarding our sustainability strategy are authentic and traceable. We plant trees in the UK through the Carbon Managers’ Trees 4 Business Campaign and long standing planting partners at the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands.

The trees we plant act as carbon sinks which sequester around 1 tonne of CO2 per tree over their lifespan and provide the local habitats with a rich biodiversity giving something back to the natural environment. Since Alladale is a well known rewilding and conservation estate with dedicated rangers making sure that new growth is monitored and protected throughout the reserve, we rest in the knowledge that these native trees will not be forgotten about or run the risks of being felled for timber once developed (a sad fact that is often sidestepped by large global planting organisations).

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Carbon Managers, with their many years of experience in corporate carbon consultancy and corporate offsetting have assisted us at WeFlex in becoming an influential force for green initiatives in the EV marketplace. We are proud to have become a partner, planting one new native tree at Alladale for every vehicle we sell at WeFlex, awarding our clients with tree certificates and information about their positive impact on receipt of their purchase.

Our Mission

As part of our promise to do better for the environment, we want to help clean up London’s air. Our aim is to help Ride-Hailing drivers make the switch to zero emission, electric vehicles, and help to be net positive by funding trees to be planted and protected.

We are working on becoming net zero, this means we will take as much carbon out of the air as we emit.

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