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100s of Jobs For Ride-Hailing Drivers

Updated: Apr 9

100s of jobs for drivers throughout lockdown

The news we received this weekend is not what any of us wanted to hear. It is now our  focus to find other ways for Ride-Hailing drivers to supplement earnings during this challenging time. 

The plus side to Covid-19 is deliveries are booming so there is a huge demand for delivery drivers, perfect for Ride-Hailing drivers who have cars and are already ready to go.

Here are some great ways for Ride-Hailing drivers to earn throughout Lockdown:

City Sprint – earn up to £20/hour.

  1. CitySprint are looking for self-employed drivers who want to work part-time in the evenings, completing local deliveries. Average earnings for this type of work is £20 p/h! Apply here.

Uber Eats delivery driver –

  1. Becoming an Uber Eats driver is very easy. If you’re already an Uber driver you can simply go to settings, select driving preferences and tap ‘Deliveries’ to start receiving delivery requests. Uber Eats pay you daily and within 48 hours of you completing the job! If you are not currently an Uber Driver you canSign up in minutes here.

Just Eat delivery driver – The more orders you deliver, the bigger your bonus.

  1. Just Eat drivers are paid by the hour, so even when you’re waiting, you’re being paid. Refer a friend and you receive an extra bonus! Click here to find out more and apply.

Amazon delivery driver – Make £13-15/hour

  1. You find out how much you will earn and where you’re going, all prior to accepting the job, ensure that it will be worth your while. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Delivery driver – Earn up to £900/week

  1. There are hundreds of delivery driver jobs currently being advertised, look on Gumtree here to see what’s out there.

Stuart Car delivery driver – Earn up to £800/week

  1. Stuart Car connects retailers & restaurants with delivery drivers to make short, same hour deliveries. Minimum £8/hour guaranteed, plus lots of rewards! Have a look here and apply!

Pharmacy driver

  1. There are now more pharmacy driver jobs available than ever! The job also comes with perks such as 30% off for you and family members. Check out some of the available roles here.

Dominos delivery driver – Earn £8.80/hour plus mileage & tips!

  1. You get to keep all of your tips, get a staff discount and a pension scheme. See what jobs they have at the moment here.

WeFlex do not have affiliations with the above companies, and we cannot guarantee the earnings shown as these are taken from the companies themselves. For more information please contact the companies directly. 

We are all in this together, and WeFlex is here to help as much as possible. 

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