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6 WeFlex Money Saving Hacks!

Updated: Apr 9

6 WeFlex Money Saving Hacks To Get You Through Lockdown!

  1. Find New Work Opportunities

  2. The delivery sector is currently booming, why not start delivering Amazon packages with Amazon Flex, or switch from Uber to Uber Eats Deliveries simply on the app?

2. Claiming Benefits & Government help for self-employed people

  1. You have nothing to lose applying for any benefits you may be eligible for, you can find the list of all benefits here. This includes the SEISS grant where Self-Employed workers could be eligible for up to £7,500!

3. WeFlex Insurance Price Cuts 

  1. WeFlex are offering huge price reductions on our insurance for drivers who are doing less miles than before lockdown, you can now be insured for as little as £16.50/week! To find out how much you could save on your WeFlex insurance email

  2. (Also if you don’t have insurance with WeFlex speak to your insurer to see what they can do for you)

4. Transferring Credit Card Debt

  1. If you have credit card debt consider transferring it to a 0% interest credit card. You can do this by switching to M&S Bank, NatWest & TSB, all of which offer the longest interest-free balance transfer deals at 28 months.

5. Food Shopping

  1. Online Food Shops are an easier way to see deals and save money. You can plan meals more effectively to ensure you are not over buying and ending up wasting food.

  2. Don’t hoard, in terms of money you are buying unnecessarily large amounts of something that’s going to add up and cost you. Think to yourself “Do I really need this and do I need it now?” if not, leave it. 

6. Fuel/Electricity  

  1. Don’t spend more than you have to on fuel, at you can type in your postcode to find the cheapest prices near you. 

  2. If you have an Electric Vehicle you can use ZapMap to find charging stations near your home, where you could use a slower & cheaper charger to charge your car overnight.

There’s free EV charging for Uber Partner-Drivers during COVID-19, click here to redeem!

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