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BP Pulse - an exclusive offer for Uber Drivers

Updated: Mar 20

BP Pulse

As an Uber driver, you get a complimentary bp pulse subscription that comes with unbeatable charging rates. The more you charge, the more you save, making it a win-win for your wallet.

Perks of bp pulse Subscription for Uber Drivers

1. No Subscription Fee

Say goodbye to subscription fees! With your complimentary bp pulse subscription, you can enjoy all the benefits without breaking the bank.

2. Exclusive Charging Rates

As a member, you'll gain access to exclusive charging rates, starting as low as 27p/kWh on the bp pulse owned network. The savings add up, especially for drivers who charge more than 300kWh per month – potentially saving you a minimum of £90 monthly!

3. Charge More to Save More

It's simple – the more you charge, the more you save. Take advantage of discounts and subscription fee savings automatically applied and conveniently shown as credits on your monthly invoice.

Charging Made Seamless

With the bp pulse app, finding ultra-fast and rapid chargers on the go is a breeze. Simply use your bp pulse card to start your charge effortlessly, ensuring you stay on the road with minimal downtime.

Free Parking at bp pulse Charging Hubs

Enjoy free parking perks at designated bp pulse charging hubs. Uber drivers can revel in 60 minutes of free parking at Q-Park Park Lane and Kentish Town car park. And stay tuned for more exciting news – Park Lane and the upcoming hub in Pimlico will soon offer 60 minutes of free parking exclusively for Uber drivers.

Seize this opportunity to power up your Uber experience and save big on charging costs. Embrace the future of eco-friendly driving with bp pulse!

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Col Mats
Col Mats
02 févr.

How do I get the free parking for charging at q park ??


I need membership card

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