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Changes to the Uber Clean Air Plan!

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Starting from March 14th, there will be changes to the Uber Clean Air Plan. 

As Uber increase their focus on helping Drivers use the funds already accumulated for Uber drivers to transition to an EV, the Clean Air Fee will no longer be applied to trips in London.

For Uber Drivers that have accumulated funds they’ll continue to be able to use this EV assistance to buy or rent an EV via the existing approved channels (including WeFlex).

For Uber Drivers that already drive an EV, they’ll no longer receive the additional 3p per mile Clean Air Fees added to their fare – instead Uber will be boosting the rates they receive on Uber Green trips. 

From 14th March until the end of 2022, Uber EV Drivers will receive 15% higher rates (compared to UberX) on all Uber Green trips. In addition, in Spring 2022 Uber will be expanding the area that Uber Green covers in London. 

Switching to EVs is not just a good idea just because it’s good for the environment, but because there are also great advantages such as higher rates on Uber Green trips, lower running costs and crucially exemption from the Congestion Zone Charge.

WeFlex estimate that Uber drivers in an EV save £126 a week by going electric. Click here to see the range of EV’s WeFlex offer.

WeFlex have vehicles available today where you can use your Uber Clean Air plan so please contact us if you’d like more information.

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