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EV world news | December's Monthly recharge

Updated: Apr 19

Welcome to this months edition of ‘The Monthly Recharge’.

Here we chat about everything that’s going on in the EV world and at WeFlex HQ:

Being a private hire driver in December:

Private hire driver

When will it be busy?

1 - 22 December

Demand will keep increasing

23 - 28 December

It will be quiet, so take a break during this time.

29 December - 1 January

High demand, we recommend working New Years Eve!

2 January - 15 January

Things will slow down again, take time off.

Key London Locations to drive this December

Boost your earning with these Christmas hotspots:

Key London Christmas locations

How to maintain your range in colder weather:


  1. Use heated seats when you don’t need to heat your whole car.

  2. Go easy on the accelerator.

  3. Drive in ECO mode.

  4. Use regenerative braking, which uses braking energy that would be wasted.

You have until the 31st December to claim your £700 Uber incentive

Uber have made major changes to their driver incentives!

Now, upgrade to an EV before the 31st December, and get a £700 reward.

The latest EV News

Ultra-rapid charging an EV is cheaper than petrol
AA President Edmund King, speaking at the Highways UK conference, reveals that the cost per mile for ultra-rapid charging during the most expensive time of the day is now cheaper than running a car on petrol...

WeFlex updates

WeFlex Christmas tree

CHRISTMAS has arrived at WeFlex HQ!

Another big milestone has been hit!

WeFlex 100% electric vehicles have driven over 70 million miles 🎉.

Introducing our kids corner?

Your little ones can play whilst you browse.

WeFlex kids corner

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