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How many EVs are there in the UK?

UK Reaches One Million Electric Cars Milestone as New Car Market Grows

In January 2024, Britain celebrated a big achievement as the one-millionth 100% electric vehicle hit the roads, alongside a solid 8.2% growth in the new car market. These numbers, shared by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), show good progress in the car industry.

During January, 142,876 new cars were registered, which is 10,882 more compared to January 2023. It's the best January performance since 2020 and marks 18 months of continuous growth.

Also, the EV market hit a significant milestone, reaching one million registrations since they started keeping records. In January, 20,935 new EVs were registered, a 21.0% increase compared to the previous year. This shows that carmakers are making more electric cars.

Looking ahead, the car industry expects the new car market to keep growing. They estimate around 1.974 million new cars will be sold in 2024. Electric cars are expected to make up more than one in five of all new cars sold. And if the government helps more with tax breaks on electric cars, we could see even more of them on the roads soon.

Are you a PCO/private hire driver and are ready to make the switch to electric?

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