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How to avoid parking tickets


We’ve gathered the tips and information you need to avoid receiving parking tickets.

No.1 There’s no standard ‘single yellow’ parking restriction

Parking times changed from street to street so check carefully. Read more here.

No.2 Watch your wheels

Make sure your motor is completely within any defined spot, such as a residents’ or pay-and-display bay. If just one wheel is outside, you could get a ticket.

No.3 Proudly display your permit or ticket

Only display the current ticket clearly on your dashboard. If you have old tickets in your car, store in the glove box or away from view.


Parking no no’s. Don’t park here.

Double yellow lines, red routes, zig-zags, bus stops, taxi ranks, blocking traffic or entrances. No excuses…


Different councils have different bank holiday rules

Some councils will allow you to park in a residents’ bay or on a yellow line, but others won’t. Check each council website for details. If unsure though, don’t take a risk.

If unsure in any parking situation, just don’t do it. Avoid fines, stay happy!

Information has been drawn from Money Saving Expert and other sources.

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