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Hyundai IONIQ 5 – The Next Best Ride-Hailing Thing?

Updated: Apr 9

The brand new Hyundai IONIQ 5 looks like it’ll be a great option for the Ride-Hailing market. The interiors are luxurious and spacious, for both drivers and customers, and the 292 mile range is pretty impressive too. The roomy cabin has a ‘living space’ theme throughout. The front seats recline to the optimum angle, allowing drivers to put their feet up during a well earned break. 

The sustainability box is definitely ticked and Hyundai have utilized eco-friendly. Sustainably sourced materials such as recycled PET bottles, plant-based yarns and natural wool yarns, eco-processed leather with plant-based extracts, and bio paint with plant extracts. Being 100% electric, the car emits zero emissions. 

The IONIQ 5 will be available in the UK from mid 2021. If you’re a ride-hailing driver and wouldn’t mind getting your hands on one of these, call us on 020 8033 8713, if there’s demand we will consider getting some in! If you’d like to see the Electric Vehicles we have available now, click here!

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