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New Feature: Add Multiple Stops

New Feature: Add Multiple Stops

Uber has included the ability for riders to add multiple stops to their journey. This post will demonstrate how this will work and the impact this will have on PCO driver’s trips.

Prior to this introduction, Uber riders were forced to change their destination multiple times throughout the trip. This feature will be implemented from the 26th October, and will only be available for customers with the latest app update, meaning that there may be a delay in rider use.

How Does This Work?

For riders, when choosing their destination on ‘Where To?’, a plus icon will appear. Having selected ‘+’, it is possible for up to three different destinations to be added [see below]. Once the selections have been made, simply request the car.

If there is a change mid-journey, then it is possible to remove a destination and replace it with an altered location.  All destinations will be made in the order that the rider has assigned them.

Impact on Journeys

This is a beneficial change for all Uber drivers and riders, both in ensuring transparency of the Uber fare and by streamlining the journey. The need to remove the original address in order to add a new address meant that Uber drivers were unable to plan their journey’s and consequently the most efficient route.

Uber has further resolved any uncertainty as to waiting times between stops by placing a limit of three minutes for each stop. If the rider exceeds this limit, then additional charges may be incurred which will be provided to the driver.

Once the driver has arrived at each of the mid-trip destinations, a ‘Confirm Stop’ slider will appear. In order to confirm arrival, the driver must slide this box, which will trigger the navigation to readjust to the next destination on the rider’s trip.

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