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Over 700 new electric charge points in London in £5m deal with Uber

Uber is investing £5 million to fund the installation of 700 EV charge points in three London boroughs: Newham, Brent and Redbridge, home to many ride-hailing drivers and lots of WeFlex customers. 

Aimed at drivers that don’t have easy access to chargers, this solution will hugely boost the number of charging points available – increasing London’s overall charging network by 7%. 

Most Uber drivers do not have off street parking so when driving an EV rely heavily on the public charge points. 

Around 90 per cent of new Uber drivers use fully electric cars, and it sometimes proves difficult to access reliable charging – a factor that is critical to non-EV drivers’ decision to switch to electric.

WeFlex supports this initiative as it will help ease concerns about charging infrastructure for Uber drivers, and so should speed up the switch to EV’s for Uber drivers living in Newham, Brent and Redbridge. 

Ramping up charging infrastructure in the UK’s major cities will massively help EV adoption. 

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