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Owning an EV in Brent | 160 new chargers added!

Brent, Zest, and Uber have joined forces to install 160 new public on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging bays at 80 locations in Brent. These charge points cater to EV drivers without driveways, allowing convenient charging near their homes. T

he project incurs no cost for Brent Council, as Zest and Uber fully fund it. Zest will manage the service and maintenance of the charge points in the long term. Uber driver Michael Lukasz Suchocki emphasized the importance of more chargers in promoting widespread EV adoption.

Zest's charge points are accessible through the Zapmap app, providing real-time status and availability. Uber is also supporting the installation of 170 Believ EV chargers in Redbridge. Andrew Brem, Uber UK's General Manager, expressed delight in collaborating with Brent Council to enhance EV infrastructure.

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