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Pay on average £4,000 a year* less commission when you drive an EV

Did you know that when you drive an EV the commission you pay to both Uber and Bolt is a lot less than when you drive an ordinary car?

Uber Green

For Uber Green trips you will pay only 15% commission vs the 25% commission you would pay on Uber X.Uber Green is now available across Greater London, so more rides out there.BoltBolt offer a reduced commission of 10% vs 20% for drivers of EV’s.


Bolt pay this when you drive an EV on their platform so it doesn’t matter if the customer has specified an EV, you still get the lower commission.

This means as an EV RideHailing driver you can pay 50% of the commission that a non-EV driver would pay.

Yet another reason to make the switch to EV!

If you want to find out more about EV’s feel free to drop in any time during our opening hours 9.30 am to 5.30 pm at4Sovereign Close, London, E1W 3HW.

*Cost savings on the basis of a full time Ride-Hailing drivers taking £40K per annum post commission

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