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Redbridge and Uber Team Up to Install Over 170 Fast Chargers for Electric Vehicles

In Redbridge, over 170 fast chargers for electric cars are being put in to help the borough's electric vehicle (EV) network. This is part of a big project with Uber to encourage greener travel.

The goal is to support local people in making more sustainable choices, like switching from regular cars to electric ones. Transportation is a major source of pollution in Redbridge, and the council is working hard to fight climate change and make the area cleaner and greener.

By using electric cars, drivers are not only helping the environment by reducing pollution but also making the air cleaner. The project will add 174 fast chargers in 87 locations across Redbridge in 2024.

More charging points mean people without driveways can confidently switch to electric cars, knowing they can easily charge at public points in Redbridge.

Uber is teaming up with Redbridge and other boroughs to fund more fast chargers across London, aiming to increase charging access for both Uber drivers and other EV users.

Cllr Jas Athwal, the Leader of Redbridge Council, explains the goal is to expand on-street EV charging, making it easier for locals to switch to electric cars and reducing air pollution. The collaboration with Uber and Believ is helping achieve this by installing more charging points.

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