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REVIEW – Hyundai Kona

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Overal Experience

I would rate this car 10/10, it has a big battery with a huge range, I love it. The car has a lot of ‘oomph’ when it is needed, which I was not expecting for an Electric Vehicle.

I have already saved so much money since getting my new Hyundai Kona. I have saved £100/week on fuel, and avoiding up to £90 not having to pay the Congestion Charge.

Reviewed by Pawel Jurkowski

Performance & Drive

The car is very smooth to drive, customers are regularly commenting on how comfortable the ride is. The 64kWh battery is surprisingly powerful, my only concern before purchasing the car was the power and ‘oomph’ but I had nothing to worry about.


The running costs are really low. I save £100/week on fuel, up to £90/week on Congestion Charge and receive £60-70/week with the Uber Clean Air Plan, so although an electric car is more expensive, overall I’m saving over £150/week. I had £2,700 collected in My Uber Clean Air Fund which comes off my weekly payments too.

Charging & Range

The battery is economical and powerful when you want it to be. I charge the car at home overnight and always have more than enough battery for the whole day, including my commute as I don’t live in central London. 

I never have to worry about not accepting a ride because it’s too far and I won’t have enough charge to get there and back. I would say that I have to limit the amount of aircon I use as this does use up quite a lot of charge.

Some of the charging points are closed off at night, so unless you are familiar with the area it sometimes takes me a little longer to find a charging point. I have since discovered the Zap Map which is really helpful in finding available charging points wherever I am.


The technology in the car is amazing, I’m really impressed. It feels expensive and high tech, but is very user friendly and even I can operate it. The head-up display is a really nice and clever touch.

I would prefer the interiors to be leather for practical reasons but WeFlex have it covered and provided me with seat covers and plastic mats for the foot wells so I don’t need to worry about it!

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