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REVIEW – Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander

Test Drive Dates: 23rd – 25th November 2019

Reviewer: Jack Helsby

Review CategoryReview NotesPerformance & DriveI enjoyed the comfort and space in the car, the Outlander’s high-up driving position offers an excellent view of the road. It’s a fairly stiff seat, but never uncomfortable.

When driving at high speeds on open roads the tyre noise is louder than most vehicles. It can be quite heavy when going up hills but on flat ground the acceleration is good and the brakes are very responsive.InteriorThe interior in my model was very basic, with no screen for navigation or ease of music choice. You can only pair an iPhone when the vehicle is stopped and you have to do this using the voice command which was very long winded. It’s a robust interior, but nothing fancy.Passenger & Boot-spaceVery pleased with the passenger and boot space, we had 4 adults in the car and there was plenty of room for 4 bags in the boot and enough leg room for everyone including me the driver and I’m over 6ft tall. The passenger seats have a pull down arm rest with drinks holders which was a nice touch.Charging & RangeI wasn’t able to charge the vehicle using the home charge as didn’t have access to a home plug. Driving in the city on Eco mode made the vehicle very economical and the amount of fuel barely changed.

I managed to charge the battery while driving the vehicle by changing the mode and you can get about 30 miles using battery only (providing the heating etc isn’t on as that drains the battery).Overall verdictIt is the perfect car for the longer drive with more passengers, plenty of space and comfortable to drive. A very good family car with decent fuel consumption when used correctly and in the city. It has enough battery range to do a daily drive but also has the capacity to do much longer trips on petrol.

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