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Make / Model: MG ZS EV

Test Drive Dates: 18th – 20th October 2019

Reviewer: Stuart Baillie – Operations Director

Review CategoryReview NotesPerformance & DriveThe drive was comfortable around town especially at lower speeds but the ride was a bit bumpy at times. I found there was power when needed though and this was true on the motorway as well as around town. The pickup was as you expect with an EV with a fair bit of zip. The regen braking system felt OK once you have got used to it and after the first day I found it quite easy to use. Almost just using the accelerator pedal only at times to manage my speed.InteriorThe interior was quite smart. There was some good attention to detail. In look and feel it was close to some of the new Toyota models but with a better equipped entertainment system, which had some great features such as the Android Auto which let me use my smartphone apps like Spotify in car.

Park assist and navigation where included in the spec and I found all the features easy to use.Passenger & Boot-spacePlenty of space and room would be my summary. I’m quite tall and had no issue with head or leg room and the seat was not fully back. The front passenger side also had good room. I could fit a child seat and adult in the back without issue and this room is probably a good feature – especially in the taxi market

Being an SUV there was a good amount of boot space without being huge. I could easily fit a pushchair (folded) and two bags with space to spare.Charging & RangeI don’t have off street parking but did charge the vehicle overnight at the office before taking the vehicle on a Thursday night. This gave me a range of 173 miles and I drove just under 140 miles with 20 left in the battery when I arrived back on the Monday morning. At no point was I worried about range as apart from 20 mins on the M11 the range guidance was quite tight and in line with the miles I was driving, even at night.Overall verdictPlus points were the room inside and the spec of the interior with the smart entertainment system. It’s easy to drive round town and gives plenty of range without the anxiety of the early EV models such as the Nissan Leaf 30kwh.

The ride was a little harsh at times however and like a lot of EV it didn’t perform as well on the motorways. I would say for the taxi market however this car is a good alternative and cheaper option to the Niro.

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