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The UK Reaches 60,000 Public Charging Points Milestone

EV charger

The UK has now surpassed 60,000 public charging points, marking significant progress in the nation's electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure., a major charge point operator, installed the milestone device on Natal Road in Streatham, London.

The installation rate has surged, with the UK adding over 1,900 new devices each month in early 2024, a 37% increase from the 2023 average. This rapid growth follows the country hitting the 50,000 mark in October 2023.

The 60,000 charging points include various types, such as en-route chargers for long trips and residential street chargers for those without home setups. Ultra-rapid chargers have increased by 135% since April 2023, and low-powered residential chargers have grown by over 54%.

Melanie Shufflebotham from Zapmap highlighted the significance of this milestone and the ongoing momentum in charge point installations. Zapmap predicts the UK could reach 100,000 public charging points by August 2025 if the current rate continues.

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