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Uber drivers get £5,000 to buy electric cars.


Exciting Uber news - Uber’s new Power-up grants can save drivers up to £22,750. Starting with their CAP (Clean Air Plan) being increased to £5,000.

As Uber aims to be fully electric in London by 2025, they have launched a new PowerUp Package to support drivers with upgrading to electric, charging and earning in an EV.

This includes an EV Assistance boost for everyone in London - everyone who had less than £5000 in their Clean Air Plan has automatically had a boost by Uber to bring it up to £5000!

What do you do with your Clean Air Plan?


Drivers can use your Clean Air Plan towards their WeFlex weekly payments and get on the road from just £94pw*.

Hurry, offer only available for a limited time, switch to an EV with WeFlex now.

PLUS once you’ve switched, get £750 free charging credit to use in the first 3 months.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade.

*based on a £169pw WeFlex Rent-To-Buy plan, claiming £300 CAP a month (£5000 total CAP) directly through Uber. Once CAP runs out payments return to £169pw.

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