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Uber Pro Electric Vehicle Charging Deals

Updated: Apr 9

Uber has introduced Uber Pro which has huge benefits for their drivers, including discounts on Electric Vehicles (EV) charging. 

Uber members get discounted EV Charging Subscription with BP Chargemaster. If you’re a gold member or above you get the first 3 months charging for free, after that you will receive up to £4 off your monthly subscription for Polar Plus by BP Chargemaster.

BP Chargemaster provides charging units for Electric Vehicles at home, work and for the public. They operate the biggest network in the UK called POLAR, and operate its own electric vehicle public charging network. 

To qualify for Gold, Platinum or Diamond status you need an Uber rating of 4.85 or above and a cancellation rate of 4% of below. 

Here’s how you get points in London:

  1. 1 point for every ride.

  2. 2 points for trips completed between 6am-10am on weekdays and between 10pm-4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

People’s biggest concern about upgrading to an electric car is the cost, but once you consider all of the money that you are saving going electric, it’s a no brainer. WeFlex have calculated the EV cost savings broken down below:

If you are interested in an EV please click here to see the Electric Vehicles WeFlex have available.

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