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Uber's new eco-friendly rating tool: helping riders make greener choices.

Uber has launched a handy feature in its app for people in London that puts environmental responsibility at your fingertips.

Now, when you're choosing a ride, you can see how eco-friendly your choice is. Just tap a button, and you'll see how much pollution you're helping to prevent by picking an electric vehicle.

This new feature works a bit like the ratings you get as a passenger. Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, says they're trying to make it easy for riders to make greener choices.

He says, "Just like we made it normal for riders to behave well during Uber rides with ratings, we're excited to show you how much you're helping the planet by choosing electric vehicles."

With this tool, you can see in real time how much you're reducing pollution and how many miles you're saving by choosing a green ride. It's a way to encourage more people to go for the eco-friendly option.

Uber decided to add this feature because more and more people in London are worried about climate change. They say 73% of Londoners are more concerned about it now than they were a few years ago.

Even though Uber now offers fun things like hot air balloon rides and traditional black cabs, they're still focused on helping the environment.

London is Uber's top city for electric vehicles. Over 10,000 electric cars drive around London, making up more than 20% of all Uber trips there. But despite this, London has been called one of the least environmentally friendly cities in the UK.

Charlie Holding, an Uber driver who's been driving electric since 2019, thinks it's important for people to know the difference they can make by choosing electric vehicles.

He says, "Driving electric isn't just a smart choice for me—it's about making the air cleaner for my kids and grandkids. Every small choice counts, and it's great that Uber is helping people see the impact they can have."

Uber's new feature is a step toward a greener future, showing that making eco-friendly choices can be easy and rewarding.

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