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WeFlex have just launched our Part Exchange offer!

WeFlex have just launched our Part Exchange offer.

The process is simple:

  1. Bring your current car into WeFlex at 4 Sovereign Close, E1W 3HW

  2. Our team will value your car and provide you with a no obligation Part-Exchange offer while you wait

  3. While you wait for your vehicle to be valued one of our team of EV specialists will show you the EV’s we offer and answer your questions

  4. If you like the Part-Exchange offer and want to go ahead with one of our EV’s our team will organise this for you, crediting your Part Ex value to your new EV e.g. if your car is worth £5K then this will be put into your new EV as a deposit

  5. You can even Test Drive a new EV if you want

  6. As quickly as 24 hours later you could return and exchange your old car and drive away in a brand new EV!

Launch Event:

We are holding a Part Exchange Event from 10am-4pm on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th. You can come to WeFlex at any time during this period to get your Part Exchange quote.


Please call our team with any questions on 020 8033 8713.

WeFlex have a range of new EV’s in stock, PCO licensed and ready to go.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Any valuation we provide you is valid for 4 days (market prices change quickly so we are not able to guarantee values for longer than this).

  2. You must be able to prove you own the vehicle

  3. The vehicle must have any outstanding finance settled prior to completion of the Part-Exchange (we can help you with this)

  4. In order to proceed with a new EV you will need to be approved by the WeFlex team, and go through our standard checks

  5. Your car must be roadworthy with a valid MOT for at least 3 months

  6. Your name needs to be on the V5, which we will need to see before we can complete your Part Exchange

  7. Factors that will impact the value we offer you for your car are: age, mileage, condition, damage, service history, whether its under warranty, specification of the car, what the car has been used for and how many previous owners its had

  8. Your vehicle will be inspected when we give you the valuation, it will be reinspected again before it is handed over to WeFlex for Part-Exchange. If there are any changes to the condition of the vehicle, or say significant extra mileage we reserve the rights to change our valuation

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