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What is the Uber Clean Air Plan?

Updated: Apr 9

UBER CLEAN AIR PLAN – Everything you need to know

What is the Uber Clean Air Fund? 

A Clean Air fee will be added to every trip a driver takes through Uber in London. The fee of 3p a mile is an additional charge to passengers, and doesn’t take away from drivers’ earnings. Once a driver is ready to upgrade to a 100% Electric Vehicle, they can use their Clean Air Fund towards their deposit, or split to reduce their weekly payments.

Once drivers have made the switch to an electric vehicle, they will still receive the Clean Air Fee, but they can now use this towards the running of their EV. 

Where is the Uber Clean Air Fund available?

Currently, the Uber Clean Air Fund is only available to collect in London.

Am I eligible for the Clean Air Fund assistance? 

Have you gathered at least £100 in Clean Air Fees and have at least 150 trips completed in the last 8 weeks? If yes, then yes! 

How do I claim my Uber Clean Air Fund?

When drivers are eligible to claim their EV assistance, Uber will reach out to let them know. Once drivers can claim, they should reach out to an Uber Clean Air approved dealer like WeFlex to see what is available! 

Want to switch to an Electric Vehicle?

Take a look at the 100% Electric Vehicles we offer that you could take away the very same day. 

Source: Uber

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