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Electric Kia e-Niro Review By Babatunde Adebayo Olufisibe

Updated: Apr 9

Electric Kia e-Niro Review By Babatunde Adebayo Olufisibe.

Overall verdict?

10/10, I am so happy with it. It’s fantastic. There is nothing I would change about the car at all. I have been with WeFlex for a very long time, 5 years I think now, Neeraj and his team are great to work with.

Performance & Drive?

The electric Kia e-Niro is great to drive, very good power, it’s an excellent ride and very smooth. It’s perfect for Ride-Hailing Driving. Passengers regularly compliment the car!


I get excellent reports from customers, they love it and say it is spacious & comfortable. There is also plenty of space in the boot for bags and suitcases! 

The leather interiors make it easy to clean and disinfect, which is very important during the  current pandemic.

Charging & range?

Charging is no problem at all, I have a charging point very close to my house. It takes me 40 minutes to charge to 80% on a 50kWh charger, this does 270 miles which is incredible! 

We have just had a brand new batch of Electric Kia e-Niros delivered and there are only a few remaining! We have had fantastic feedback so far and a strong demand for the Electric Kia e-Niro even throughout lockdown.

Why is the e-Niro so popular?

  1. Only £199/week Rent-To-Buy

  2. Huge range fo 282 miles

  3. Big 64kWh battery

  4. Spacious and comfortable for passengers

For more information call WeFlex NOW on 020 8033 8713 or email

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