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Important Uber update | get £700 if you switch to an EV by December

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Uber have just announced major changes to their incentives for drivers to switch to electric vehicles!

1. UK-wide EV Switch Incentive

If you're not already driving an electric vehicle in the UK, this is your golden opportunity to make a positive change for our planet while earning some extra cash. Starting today, you can be eligible for a fantastic £700 reward for making the switch to an EV by the end of the year. Here's how it works:

Timeline: You'll be automatically enrolled in this incentive if you upgrade to an EV by 31 December 2023.

Your reward is based on the number of trips you complete in an electric vehicle within three months of your enrolment date.

  • 🌟 £200 for 50 Trips: Drive 50 trips in your new EV, and you'll receive a £200 bonus.

  • 🎉 Extra £500 Bonus: If you complete another 400 trips in your EV (just 35 trips a week), you'll earn an extra £500. That's a total of £700 in your pocket.

This incentive isn't just about rewarding you; it's a big step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone.

2. Clean Air Plan Usage Deadline for London Drivers

For our London-based drivers who are part of the Clean Air Plan (CAP), there's an important deadline to keep in mind.

You have until 31 March 2025 to switch to an electric vehicle if you want to keep your CAP benefits.

So, why wait? Let's ride into a cleaner and more sustainable future together. Get ready to reap the rewards of going electric and be a part of a brighter tomorrow with WeFlex! 🌍🚗💨

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