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Latest Round of Uber Updates – What You Need To Know

Uber has been busy improving your driving experience, and it will be helpful for you to get to know these new changes. In this post we will explain how these new improvements will benefit you.

Prior to Your Journey

Easily Contact Your Rider

It is frustrating when you can’t get in contact with your rider, and so you will now be able to speak to them via in-app chat, alongside the regular methods of SMS or calling. Uber have only simplified this further by allowing you to respond using pre-loaded responses and also by handsfree text-to-speech.

Awareness of Long Trips

Uber have introduced a notification for you when the trip is longer than 60 minutes, which will mean that you won’t be left frustrated by any unwanted extended journeys. This will appear prior to confirmation of the trip, and you can just select ‘No Thanks’ in order to bypass and move onto a new request which suits you.

Clear Pricing Structure

Prior to these changes Uber utilised different pricing structures for different areas within London, which meant confusion and less money for drivers. Now Uber has standardised pricing, and so all trips within the M25 have the same pricing structure as central London.

During your Journey

Trip Share

When you are out working, your family and friends may like to know where you are. In order to do so, Uber have introduced ‘Share my trip’, in which you will be able to select the contacts who you wish to share with, and they will be able to see your location, your name, phone number and licence plate number. This will let you feel safe whilst letting your loved ones know that you are safe.


Uber is aware that there have been some problems with uberPOOL and have introduced some changes to fix any issues:

– No more uberPOOL requests from Heathrow, due to luggage constraints

– Reduced discount for riders between 4am and 8pm (15% rather than 25%)

– Limitations as to where riders can request uberPOOL (if zones 3 or 4, then you will be riding back to central London for more matches)

These fixes will mean more profit for you, and fewer problems!

Your Account

Don’t Wait

Uber has made a commitment to reviewing your documents; your documents will be reviewed within only 12 hours. If they miss this then £100 will be credited to you.

If that wasn’t enough, Uber review nearly all of their documents within under 1 hour, and so you won’t be waiting around.

Greenlight Hub

You are now able to book appointments at the Greenlight Hub in order to discuss:

– Problems with payments

– Any issues with the app

– Document problems

– Lost property

– Referrals

In order to do so, tap help in the app and choose ‘Visit us in Person’, and you will be able to schedule an appointment. This will mean that you will not need to wait to see someone when you arrive.

Maximise Your Earning Potential

Uber have released a very helpful list of tips to enable you to make the most of your working hours. These are area specific and include tips on when to drive, where to drive and how to drive.

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