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New Feature: Break Reminders

New Feature: Break Reminders

It goes without saying that long hours on the road can be tiring. From finding your rider at the meeting point to keeping with traffic on busy roads takes focus and dedication to the job. By just taking a short break, you will not only come back feeling refreshed, but you will also be making the roads safer for drivers and riders alike.

From Tuesday 23 January, even Uber is reminding you to take a break.

After every 10 hours ‘on trip’, Uber drivers receive a notification from the app to take a 6-hour break. It then takes a full 6 hours before the “on trip” timer will reset.

Meanwhile you can relax, have a meal, and once your 6-hour break is over, you will be all set to go and well on your wayto great reviews.

How does this work?

From the moment you confirm a trip, the Uber app will be tracking your time until you reach the mandatory 10-hour stop mark. You will then be sent on break for six hours.

During this time, your app will tell you how long you have before you can take on more trips. You will not however receive incoming trip requests  – this will ensure you get your rest. (/the optimum amount of rest)

If it happens your trip will last over the 10-hr mark, you will be allowed to finish driving until you have delivered your rider to their destination. Once the trip is complete, you’ll need to take your 6 hour break.

What does your 10 hours ‘on trip’ time include?

Once you’ve confirmed a trip, the timer counts you online, and on the way to pick up.

If you are online but not with a passenger or on the way to pick up, for example waiting for a request at a train station, this is not counted in your 10 hour ‘on trip’ time.

How to ensure your time resets:

Take a 6-hour break from the app. There will be a timer on the Uber app where you can check how long you have before you can start driving again, and you will be notified when you can go back online.

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