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REVIEW – Hyundai Kona

Hyundai KONA Premium SE 64kWh

Test Drive Dates: 27rth – 28th November 2019

Reviewer: Babrul Miah

Review CategoryReview NotesPerformance & DriveThe Hyundai KONA really does offer a smooth and responsive drive, something that I’ve come to expect from the Hyundai brand. The ability to switch between drive modes is a nice touch.

For a vehicle of its size the KONA had excellent steering ability – extremely light with great turning circles, similar to that of a Prius. Perfect for manoeuvring in and around the city.

Another great feature is the regenerative braking (Puts charge back into the battery) This system was easily adjustable in this model by using the paddle next to the steering wheel. In other EVs you usually have to do this through the vehicle settings, which can be tedious.InteriorBeing the higher spec version, this vehicle came kitted out with Navigation, wireless phone charging, 7” touch screen and parking assist. Some of these do come on the base spec also.

Drivers have a comfortable high driving position with a central console which hugs closely, giving a more drivers experience. Similar to a Prius+ where all the components are based around the driver, ideal if you’re driving long hours each day.

The built in electronic lumbar support comes as standard and the heated steering wheel and seats were a nice touch. There is also an option for cooling seats for hotter days.Passenger & Boot-spaceAlthough the KONA offers premium space at the front the leg room for passengers at the back is limited. It’s not as spacious as a Nissan Leaf.

I was unable to test with 3 adults in the back but based on size it looks similar to that of a Toyota Auris Touring sports.

Boot space was decent, large enough to hold a few bags of luggage and had a separate compartment for the charging cables to be stored beneath.Charging & RangeRange was great, this model offered 200+ on a full charge and it was fairly accurate.

My journey consists of both inner city and motorway driving. Inner city the mileage was pretty much 100% accurate, as expected the mileage did drop on the motorway. I did a 75 mile trip, on completion the range had dropped 85 miles. 10 miles out isn’t bad considering I was turning the heating on and off.

A trick taught to me by an Uber driver is to leave the heated seats on instead of using the heating, doing this does not decrease the range. Worked perfectly!

Charging – I only got to test the slow charge function (3 pin)

The charging wasn’t as fast I had expected, for total of 9 and a half hours slow charge the vehicle only put 90 miles back in.Overall verdictOverall, a really well-equipped vehicle to tackle the private hire market. Offers an alternative to those not keen on the Nissan Leaf or Kia Niro.

The comfort for the driver is really its unique selling point, the ultimate drivers experience.

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