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Serving Birmingham + The Midlands

Are you a private hire driver in the Midlands? Call our Birmingham EV Expert Javed now.

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What we can offer you.

Top Rent-To-Buy options

PHV licensed electric cars

Kia e-Niro

Spacious and full of tech

282 mile range
10.25″ Touchscreen Satellite Navigation
Reversing Camera System
Smart cruise control

Kia e-Niro (1).png

£235/week inc. insurance

MG4 SE Long Range

Spacious and futuristic

281 mile range
10.25" colour touchscreen
iSMART User App
Intelligent driving features


From £169/week


£189/week inc. insurance


Affordable family estate

250 mile range
Rear parking camera
Big boot space
Heated Seats


A host of intelligent features

273 mile range
360° Parking Camera
10.1″ Touchscreen
Leather Style Upholstery





Kia Niro EV

High performance and bold design

285 mile range
Rear parking camera
Spacious interior
Smart driving features

Save £41pw

SAVE £41pw

Switching to a 100% electric vehicle

*Cost savings calculated by WeFlex based upon a Ride-Hailing driver in London in a Kia e-Niro compared to a Toyota Prius Active hybrid Based on: 33,000 miles per year (personal and work), charging at 34p/KWH, driving into the Congestion Charge zone 5 days a week. Savings will vary depending on the vehicles compared. These cost savings are subject to driving style and where you charge your vehicle. Prices are based on January 2024, and are subject to change. WeFlex does not warrant these cost savings.

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