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Review – Tesla Model 3

Updated: Apr 9

Tesla Model 3 Review from a Ride-Hailing driver

Overall Experience

The Tesla Model 3 is by far the best car I have ever driven! I would recommend the Tesla to any private hire driver as I truly believe this is the best option around at the moment and is defiantly worth the money. If you are someone who will be spending hours sat the car the Tesla is a car that makes that time enjoyable. It is very comfortable and feels luxurious to drive. There are also many clever features on the car that will help pass the time if you are charging the car or waiting for your next job. For example the tablet has games which can played when the car is parked! Furthermore, there are huge cost savings by switching to an electric car which just make the Tesla an even more attractive option.

Performance & Drive

The Tesla Model 3 is very smooth to drive and is almost silent as you drive. This helped create one of the best driving experiences you will ever have. There are a couple of different drive modes you can use on the model 3. I found that the self braking option very clever. I only needed to use one pedal because as soon as I lifted my foot off of the accelerator the car started to brake. This feature helps recharge the battery slightly as you drive! All electric cars are quick off the mark however, the Tesla has that little bit extra! It is incredibly fun to drive.


The design of the Tesla is very minimalist, there isn’t a typical dashboard. Everything is run through the easy to use tablet in the centre of the car. This makes for a sleek looking car which impressed every that sat inside. The leather seats are very comfortable and easy to clean which is ideal for private hire drivers!

Passenger & Boot space

The space within the Tesla is very deceptive. There is great room in the back for passengers, they all commented on the space they had and how comfortable the seats are. The boot also goes back very far, meaning you can fit multiple bags and suitcases in with ease. This is great if you are a private hire driver doing airport drop off and collections.Charging & Range The Tesla has a huge range of 278 miles. This proved to be fairly accurate and enabled me to drive great distances without worrying about charging the car. However, I did test out the home charging which was very easy to do.

Review by Michael Ring

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