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WeFlex Goes Electric

WeFlex Goes Electric

The all-new Nissan Leaf 100% electric car is coming soon to WeFlex. This means we can now offer this amazing energy-saving vehicle to anyone who is looking for style and comfort, plus latest features and big savings on running costs. It’s sure to be a winner with Uber Partners because of the fuel savings and great safety and security features.

A 100% Electric Car With Zero Emissions

There are no fuel costs with the new Nissan Leaf except the cost of electricity to charge the car. On a pound-for-pound comparison with fuel driven cars, the Nissan Leaf is the clear winner.

The electric motor is clean running with zero emissions which is something that many people are interested in these days, and that could make a real difference to Uber passengers that would prefer to ride in an enviro-friendly car. It may also help to improve passenger ratings as a welcome boost to any Uber Partner wanting to build a high rating among customers.

The Nissan Leaf – A Car You Can Control With Your Smartphone

The Nissan Leaf is the latest in electronic motoring technology and will run for up to 155 miles at a very low cost factor of just 2p per mile. You can even preset the climate control from your smartphone to enjoy the ideal temperature for your driving comfort once you get inside. Just imagine the difference that could make on a cold winter morning or a really hot summer day. The inside of the car is very nice and has a sporty feel and plenty of room to move.

The electronic driver control panel is excellent and has very user-friendly monitoring for battery charge levels, hands-free calling, streaming audio, USB, and voice control, plus a very reliable sat-nav system and a wide-view reversing camera.

For your comfort, the Nissan Leaf has heated seats and a great sound system, and for safety it has smart-braking and 6 airbags, plus the Nissan Anti-Theft System which uses a computer chip ignition key that stops the engine from being started by any unknown key.

How can I get a Nissan Leaf?

WeFlex makes it easy for you to get into a new Nissan Leaf by offering 3 types of deal:

  1. Rental (minimum term: 4 weeks)

  2. Flexi-lease (long-term lease)

  3. Flexi-buy (rent-to-buy)

The WeFlex rental option allows you to make a weekly payment so you can use the car as an Uber Partner, and then return it to us when you no longer need it, by giving 4 weeks notice.

Our Flexi-lease option is like a normal car lease but with extra flexibility to make it easier for you to manage, with affordable termination fees should you want to end your contract.

If you would like to own the car at the end of your rental payments, we can offer you our Flexi-buy deal which is a regulated hire-purchase contract, where you own the car at the end.

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