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Airport Guide For Uber Drivers

Airport Guide For Uber Drivers

One of the best ways to earn good money is doing the airport run. Tired holidaymakers and busy business travellers will keep you busy. Weflex have put together a short guide to help make pick-ups as smooth as possible at London airports. 


The busiest and most popular airport for Uber drivers is Heathrow. Not least because it has the Authorised Vehicle Area (AVA) specifically for private hire vehicles and licensed taxis.

It is open from 5am to 11pm every day. You must wait here to be allocated a booking. Once you have confirmed a booking, head to the short-stay car park at the appropriate terminal. Then go and meet the rider from the designated meeting point.

  1. AVA Parking Fee – £1 for every hour, up to five hours.

  2. Short Term Parking Fee – £3.80

  3. Best Time to Pick-Up – Monday to Saturday between 9am and 11.30pm and 8pm to 11.30pm on Sundays

  4. Meeting Points:

  5. Short-stay 2- level 1 Row Q for Terminal 2

  6. Short-stay 3 – level 3, row A for terminal 3

  7. Short-stay 4 – level 1 – Central Lift Area for terminal 4

  8. Short-stay 5 – level 1, row A+F for terminal 5


There are two waiting areas outside Luton airport – the car park at Asda or the car park on Gypsy Lane. Both are free. Once a booking is confirmed go into Luton airport and park in the Priority Pick-Up Zone.

  1. Priority Pick-Up Zone Fee – £3.00

  2. Waiting Time – 10 minutes –  Warning!! After 10-minutes it is a £1 a minute

  3. Best Time to Pick-Up – Between 8pm and 1am weekdays and at the weekend

  4. Drop Off – Priority Drop-Off Zone – Fee £3 for 10 minutes


Wait at the High Street Car Park in Horley. If the Uber spaces are full, leave the car park and wait for space to become available. When you have a booking go to the short-stay car parks in the North or South terminal. Park and go to the meeting point to wait for your rider. The meeting point in the North terminal is car park 5, level 3, row B. In the South terminal, it is in the Orange Park, level 3, row B.

  1. Short-Stay Parking Fee –  £3.00

  2. Waiting Time – 30 minutes

  3. Best Time to Pick-Up – 8pm to 2am during the week and Saturdays. 7pm until 3am on a Sunday

  4. Drop-Off – Departures Forecourt at appropriate terminal. No charge


Queue for rider booking in the Gallions Reach car park at Tesco, which is free. When you have a booking go the City airport’s short-stay car park. Then, go and meet the rider yourself at the car park entrance.

  1. Short-Stay Parking Fee –  £3.00

  2. Waiting Time – 10 minutes

  3. Best Time to Pick-Up – Check the arrivals board online

  4. Drop-Off – Free from the Departure Zone


There are three parking areas for you to wait in at Stanstead. Two are free and these are at The Birchanger Green Service Station or the Mid-Stay Parking. The third parking area is close to McDonalds, where you’ll have to pay the minimum payment for one hour.

Once you have a booking, go to the short-stay Green Zone. Park and then go and meet your rider at the arrivals hall in the terminal.

  1. Green Zone Parking Fee – £3.60

  2. Waiting Tine – 30 minutes

  3. Best Time to Pick-Up – 8pm until 2am Mondays to Saturdays and 7pm to 3am on a Sunday

  4. Drop Off – Express Let-Down – Fee £3.00 for 10 minutes

The FIFO Zone

The FIFO zone is your virtual queuing system. You won’t get a booking unless you are in the queue, which is first come, first served. Your number in the queue will show up on your app. Be careful though, if you go offline or drive outside the zone, you’ll lose your place in the queue. If you have a booking and then it gets cancelled, you’ll get the next rider. If you cancel you’ll go back 25 spaces.

Drivers need to wait for a booking in a designated area outside the airport. Then, when a booking is confirmed, drive into the airport and park in the short-stay car parks. If your rider doesn’t turn up within 30 minutes, leave the car park. You will only get 30 minutes parking paid by Uber, after that it will be down to you.


Flights will be landing and taking off quickly during peak hours, so it pays to be in the right place at the right time. Schedule ahead by checking the shortest timetable landings at all terminals.

Remember, more potential passengers means more potential fares. Flights from larger cities and warmer climates will be fuller so take notice of the arrivals noticeboard and where travellers are coming from.

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