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Taking Your English Test at Trinity

Updated: Apr 9

Taking Your English Test at Trinity

In 2016, Transport for London announced that everyone who is a applying to become a private hire driver must meet the B1 English language requirement. This applies to new applicants and any existing private hire drivers who are renewing their licence, and so as an Uber driver you are required to take the test whether that be now or in the future.

There are a few different places where you can take your Uber driving English test, but Trinity College London has all the preparation and resources you will need to successfully pass.

Help for Uber Drivers Taking the English Test

Trinity’s ISE I Secure English Language Test (SELT) has been approved by Transport for London, which means they accept a passed test from there. So, when you take the test and pass at Trinity College London you can rest assured that it’ll be accepted as part of your private hire driver application.

The test itself costs £180 and, if you pass, this includes a certificate to show you passed both sections of the test and a report to show how well you did in the test so you can clearly see where your strengths lie.

As well as offering the English test for Uber drivers Trinity College London also has some great learning resources and preparation materials for you to utilise. These can be used whenever you wish and are designed to ensure all participants are well prepared. This includes:

  1. Information on places that provide preparation courses

  2. Learning support resources

  3. Practice papers

  4. Self-study activities

  5. Practice audio activities

  6. Sample videos

Though Trinity College London does not specifically credit any organisations that provide preparation courses for the SELT, they do give details of where courses take place. These courses are designed to guide you through the test and inform you of what to expect, as well as covering the areas of study.

WeFlex Help Uber Drivers

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