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The Dangers of Picking Up Passengers on Red Routes for Uber Drivers

Updated: Apr 9

The Dangers of Picking Up Passengers on Red Routes for Uber Drivers

As an Uber driver you are sure to have an excellent understanding of the rules of the UK roads and know where you can and cannot stop your vehicle at any given time. However, despite this, a number of Uber drivers stop to pick up and drop off passengers on red routes. The rules regarding yellow lines, double yellow lines and red lines on the road can be confusing and it isn’t always easy to know when it’s okay to stop.

Key Information for Uber Drivers on Red Routes

A red route is any road in London that has a constant single or double red line in place of the dotted yellow line or double yellow line. Red routes were brought in to combat congestion and to stop inconsiderate parking, both of which add to the ever growing problem of too many exhaust fumes in the capital and increased fuel consumption.

Red routes are usually in busy areas where there is likely to be a flow of traffic, where cars often like to stop or park. Some red routes prevent stopping at any time and others have set times where stopping is prohibited. The red line, or double red line, is to warn drivers of the severity of stopping there at certain times – however, many take no notice.

Picking Up and Dropping Off on Red Routes

Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles are allowed to stop on red routes to pick up and drop off passengers as long as your PHV license in on display at the time of doing so. This will show other road users, as well as CCTV cameras, that you’re exempt from the no stopping rule. It is important to remember that many red routes have a wider red line in some areas and you are not permitted to stop there, even as an Uber driver.

You are allowed to stop the car for a reasonable amount of time to pick up or drop off any passengers, but any longer and you may find yourself in danger of receiving a penalty. One issue that many Uber drivers run into is arriving at a destination to pick up a passenger, stopping on a red line and having to wait. Failing to adhere to the rules regarding red routes can see you facing a hefty fine and waiting for a passenger for a long time on a red route not only disrupts traffic and increases congestion, but it could also cost you quite a bit of money.

Some Uber drivers will avoid picking up on red routes to save themselves the worry of getting it wrong and though this isn’t always necessary, it is key that you fully understand when you can and cannot stop on a red route.

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