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Uber Introduces Tipping & Other Updates

Uber Introduces Tipping & Other Updates

Uber’s latest round of updates are designed to significantly improve its drivers’ working day, and increase their earnings.

The most significant enhancement is the new tipping function, following the feature’s popularity in America since it was introduced in June, allowing customers to reward exceptional service from their drivers.

Riders will also be charged 20p/minute (equivalent of £12/hour) from two minutes after the driver arrives at the pick-up point while the driver waits.  This change will be rolled out across the UK on 22nd August.

Uber has also trebled the number of times in a day a driver can request a journey in a particular direction.  Now a driver can decide to be given trips that are headed towards a preferred destination up to six times each day.

Another change that will increase drivers’ income is that riders will now pay a cancellation charge two minutes after confirming the ride, down from five minutes before.

Explaining these latest updates, Uber UK Regional General Manager Jo Bertram said: “while drivers have told us they love the freedom of being their own boss, we’ve also clearly heard that we need to make improvements.”

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