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Uber Introduces UberAccess: Why Should You Drive a WAV?

Uber Introduces UberAccess: Why Should You Drive a WAV?

Uber users in London are able to select an entirely new type of car, a WAV, thanks to UberAccess. WAV stands for ‘wheelchair-accessible vehicle’ and Uber is turning its attention towards providing more options for those in wheelchairs. UberAccess gives disabled customers the option to choose a car that accommodates them and their requirements, as currently most Uber cars are unable to pick wheelchair users up. UberAccess is set to make a big difference, so why should you drive a WAV?

The Benefits of Driving an UberAccess Vehicle

As an Uber driver there are times when you are inundated with journeys to make and people to pick up, but other days can be much slower. Perhaps you’ve had to sit around for an hour or two?

Thanks to UberAccess the opportunities for disabled customers have increased and they have a greater range of options when it comes to travelling from A to B. However, there are a shortage of UberWAV drivers and therefore wait times are expected to be longer than for a normal UberX. There are a lot of benefits to driving an UberWAV and some of the most common include:

  1. A shortage of UberAccess drivers means wheelchair-using customers are going to have a longer wait time to wait for their car. Becoming a WAV driver means you can attract for fares from UberAccess customers

  2. Driving a WAV means you can pick up more people. Not only are you opening up your ride options to wheelchair users, but you’ll still be able to collect other passengers.

  3. UberAccess fares will be the same as the UberX fare, so no customers will be put off just because you are driving a WAV.

  4. Uber is working hard to improve the way disabled people travel without any extra cost, so opting for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and signing up to UberAccess will help this.

  5. If you’re an Uber driver in London, your biggest competition are London’s black cabs. Until now, black cabs have been able to accept wheelchair fares, taking customers away from you: this is no longer the case.

Become an UberAccess Driver

Becoming an UberAccess driver is easy if you are already a driver for UberX. In fact, it just means you need to switch your current car for a WAV, and we’re here to help. At WeFlex we rent WAVs from £240/week in London, Manchester and Birmingham which means you can easily get your hands on everything you need to broaden the type of customers you can pick up.

We’re dedicated to providing Uber drivers with the very best vehicles, for whatever they need. Whether you want to stick to UberX or upgrade to UberAccess, we’ve got it covered. At WeFlex, we have high quality cars for you to rent – different sizes, different models and different makes – and we have Uber cars to buy that are ready-to-go. To find out more about becoming an UberWAV driver and for help on renting a WAV, please get in touch.

Contact WeFlex today on 020 8033 8713 or via our online contact form.

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