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Uber’s New App Features Removes Pain Points Of Driving

Uber’s New App Features Removes Pain Points Of Driving

Here they are: Uber’s new features designed to improve Uber Partner’s experiences whilst out on the road. Want more control over ride requests? How about fines for riders who make drivers wait too long? Think it’s time Partners got discounts on Uber rides, too? Well all these questions have now been answered, to help remove improve the experience of driving on Uber’s platform. The features have been tried and tested in various markets, and are finally being rolled out in more cities and in a broader fashion. Here are some features that will be available:

Expanded Destinations Feature

– To start with, Uber is expanding its ‘Destinations’ feature, enabling drivers to pick up and drop off riders along a specific route. Drivers heading in a specific direction can input their destination into the app, and Uber’s algorithm will send them ride requests that appear along the way. Requests that would force them to deviate from their route will now be filtered out.

– You know the score you’re heading home and leave the Uber app on to squeeze one more ride in before you head home and you end up getting a ride heading in the opposite direction! No more, this feature is all about you being able to control where you’re headed.

Pause Incoming Requests

– The second, particularly great feature is, Partners will now be able to pause any incoming requests whilst they are in the middle of a fare. This is in case they need to visit a bathroom, fill up on fuel before accepting the next passenger, or if they are at the end of their shift. This allows Partner’s to decline the next request without any negative effects on their ratings.

Rider Delay Charge

– Next up is probably going to be a favourite of Partners, the fee that riders will incur if they take too long to get into the car. Yep, this is bound to hurry them up! With prompt pick-ups, more journeys can be achieved per hour, benefiting Partners greatly.

Uber Debit Cards

– Uber is also offering more ways for drivers to better manage their finances. The company will be offering branded debit cards (in partnership with GoBank) to drivers in an increasing number of cities, which will allow them to receive their earnings instantaneously.

Discounted Rider Costs

– The final feature, a great perk for Partners everywhere, is that Uber are going to be offering discounted rides to Partners who would like a ride in the backseat of an Uber car rather than the front. Partners who complete 10 trips in a week will get 15% off their next uberX ride, or 50% off an UberBLACK ride for every 20 trips done in a week.

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