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Why Waze is the best navigation app to use for London Uber Partners

Why Waze is the best navigation app to use for London Uber Partners

It is important to find a GPS Navigation App that is suitable for making journeys around London smoother, faster and more efficient, which is where Waze steps in. Waze is becoming the most popular navigation app amongst Uber Partners. Owned by Google, it shares similar overlapping functions with Google Maps, but additionally features traffic-routing abilities, allowing real-time re-routing saving you from getting stuck in traffic jams or wasting fuel.

How It Works

The app connects drivers to each other, sharing traffic data from your phone, improving the quality of everyone’s daily driving by avoiding traffic jams, police traps and discovers new faster routes. Just type in the destination, and drive with the app open to passively contribute road data. You can also share road reports on accidents, or any hazards. Waze also hosts an active community of online map editors ensuring data is up-to-date.

Benefits of Waze for an Uber Partner:

System Input Functions:

Waze’s search functionality is extremely quick, retrieving results in under 4 seconds. In comparison, Google Maps can take around 7 seconds to load.

Ability to ‘Log’/‘Remember’ reported street closures:

This enables Partners to report incidents and traffic blockages easily. This works well if you are working regularly in Soho, Brixton or another busy location all evening, as you won’t have to re-input the incident into the app over and over again.

Style and Sound:

Many Uber Partner’s express how nice the visuals are, with bright colours which are easy to see and a cartoon-like style makes it easy to digest information at a glance. You can remove symbols or ‘clutter’ on the app whilst it’s being used, to prevent distraction. The volume levels for the navigation audio have also been praised, with multiple options, compared to Google Maps which allows either On (really loud) or Off, changing the whole audio level in the car.


The routes around traffic are preferred by Uber Partners, with thorough, real-time information on road closures/incidents. The maps and directions are described by users as ‘more accurate’ than other apps as well as being faster at re-routing journeys.

Social-Networking Feature:

Waze uses the social network sharing feature to help update Waze users online about viable routes and traffic in real-time.

So Waze is ideal for Uber Partners for a number of reasons: it’s comprehensive, it has accurate drop-off points that can be adjusted if necessary, and works faster than other navigation apps. What are you waiting for? Click the button below and make your riders happier!

We hope you found this information on why Waze is the best app for an Uber Partner helpful. 

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