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The 10 best things about being an Uber Partner in London

The 10 best things about being an Uber Partner in London

There are plenty of good aspects to being an Uber Partner in London. We talked to some Uber Partners and found out what they thought were the best reasons for driving with Uber and they gave us this list:

Initial start-up cost is low, quick and easy

As long as you have a car that is no older than 8 years, a smart phone with data, a car charger, a clean driving license and criminal record, you are pretty much ready to go. Start with a few clicks by signing up online and you’ll be on the road before you know it.


Be your own boss as an Uber partner, working around your commitments, take holidays when you desire, set your own hours – drive part-time, and fit it around other work or make it your full-time occupation – it’s up to you.

Plug into Uber’s business model

You can run your own business without having months of setting up your own website, finding customers to use your service, and incurring marketing costs to advertise your business. You are joining a reputable organisation that is rapidly expanding to many locations, with hundreds of thousands of customers ready to ride. As a contractor, Uber partners are in charge of expenses that may occur with their cars, but with the business model taken care of, these costs seem minimal in comparison.

Choose to work when and where you want

There is demand all over London so choose to work where you want to – no painful early morning commutes on the tube!

Set your own strategy

Choosing where you want to work leads on to the next point; setting your own strategy. This may be working weekends or evenings to take advantage of surges, or creating your early morning routine – whilst you’re out in the suburbs, wait for a call to take a rider more central, arrive in central London and the calls won’t stop.

Set your own targets

As well as creating a strategy to pick up as many passengers as possible, you can create targets. Need extra revenue? Do a few extra hours this week, or head out on the weekends. Woke up early and feeling restless? Get on the road. Create daily, weekly or monthly goals to suit your needs.

Receive competitive hourly rates

With prices low enough for 30,000 passengers in London to be downloading Uber each week, Uber partners currently spend on average of 34 minutes an hour with a rider, compared with 16 minutes in 2013. Therefore, with demand increasing, the hourly partner rate is increasing and soaring past competitors. Plus there are perks like phone contract and car service discounts over at Uber Momentum Rewards.

Meet people

A lot of Uber partners claim that meeting people is the best part of the job. One partner says, “Your network is your net worth, I’ve met record executives, producers, bloggers, and overall interesting characters whilst driving. It reminds you why you shouldn’t drink in excess, you can share tips or pick up new advice”. You never know who’s going to jump into your work station!

Learn London

No one knows London quite like an Uber Partner. You will learn your way around, discovering hotspots, hidden gems and where to avoid!

Feel Rewarded

On top of meeting and socialising with all varieties of people, feel appreciated and recognised for your hard work with a great rating system, which includes your say on passengers.

We hope you found this article on the best things about being an Uber partner interesting. Whether you’re looking to rent a car in the short term or finance a car for a longer period WeFlex offers a flexible payment structure to partners that isn’t just based upon your credit rating. Click here or click the photo below for more information:

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